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The Dynamic Tension of Society

The Dynamic Tension of Society

When I was growing up a fella named Charles Atlas adorned the back pages of cheap magazines, displaying a body we’d today call... Continue

The decline of the intellectual

There is a decidedly anti-intellectual strain in contemporary American society, this despite a high rate of literacy and a historical... Continue

Life’s Dynamic

Life's Dynamic

Among the plants in my greenhouse are many in the Gasteria family, a type sometimes called “Cow’s Tongue” due to... Continue

Madness in a crazy world

To uncivilized people the whims of nature surely seemed capricious; their search for meaning behind devastating winds or a great flood... Continue

Sports and the Great American Head Injury

Recent polls indicate that America’s favorite sport is now football instead of baseball. It’s not hard to see a connection... Continue

Good man, bad man

I remember a childhood cartoon in which the main character – it could have been Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny – found himself... Continue

Half-vast ideas

I’ve come to hold synchronicity in high regard. Coincidence is too light a word for the ways in which waves of information sometimes... Continue

Unity Through Diversity

The number of life forms on earth is staggeringly huge; despite the discoveries of the past three hundred years there remains a vast,... Continue

Water Rights and Wrongs

An elderly man, feeling weak, enters the emergency room of a local hospital. After waiting, a doctor examines him and determines he... Continue

America’s Security Oafs

TV shows and Hollywood movies often portray elite government security teams as oafish incompetents around whom brilliantly evil criminals... Continue