Public Citizen - Larry Barnett

Oil Price Skeptic

Just as global warming gains international traction with treaties, targets and timetables the price of oil miraculously drops. A coincidence?... Continue

Wealth-Porn Addiction

Sex Porn is a global multi-billion-dollar industry. Studies indicate that for many addicted to such material its sexual content is... Continue

Unreliable Testimony

We place a great deal of faith in eyewitness testimony and its impact on criminal justice is enormous. Eyewitness accounts can vary... Continue


A Californian for nearly 50 years I’ve infrequently traveled by train but I grew up in the suburbs of New York and took the train... Continue

A skeptic’s bread and butter

It would be nice, I suppose, to believe that everything is just fine: the motivations of people are well-intentioned, science and technology... Continue

Thanksgiving – Thanksgetting

Setting aside the purely commercial aspects of harvest decorations and TV commercials featuring cute turkeys and cartoon characters... Continue

Fast money, slow money and no money

In the world’s economy there are only three types of money, fast, slow and no. Fast money is just that, credit which moves so... Continue

Coming to terms with Halloween

Try as we may to be blasé – making it the subject of horror movies, detective dramas, novels and so forth – the mystery... Continue

Ebola Rising

Every new artifact of human culture generates a set of effects. The most predictable of these relate directly to the operation or impact... Continue

Crazy wars of assassination

Countries have used a variety of excuses to go to war. Some cite the need for protection of people who speak their language, like Vladimir... Continue