Public Citizen - Larry Barnett

Oceanic Mercury

It was recently reported that the world’s oceans now contain three times as much methyl mercury as they did before the industrial... Continue

Why government is not a business

Our society is so permeated by commerce that business metaphors are regularly applied to non-business situations. Thus we “profit... Continue

Not so Grimm Fairy Tales

Being a grandfather provides the opportunity to experience contemporary fairy-tale movies, and suffice to say, the stories have changed. The... Continue

If not for communication, what’s a metaphor?

All language is metaphor, and for that matter, so is every word in every language. We humans are metaphor-makers, and making metaphor... Continue

Multilingual Multiculturalism

America is exceptional in many ways, not all of them so good. One way which falls into this “not so good” category is an... Continue

Mistaking Ignorance for Wisdom

The internet of things had not arrived when NYU professor Neil Postman wrote his 1985 critique of television and its effects on society.... Continue

Monopolies of knowledge

Beginning with painting on rocks and writing code for binary computers, the records of what we know have variously been kept. Between... Continue

The poverty problem

Why does poverty exist in the wealthiest countries in the world? This question has vexed economists for several hundred years, and... Continue

The role of ritual

An unoccupied mind is a dangerous thing. Organic brain’s powerful processing capacity combined with limitless symbolic creativity... Continue

The case for a $15/hr. minimum wage

The idea of labor as a commodity, the creation of a class of people subject to competitive rates who can be bought and sold on the... Continue