Public Citizen - Larry Barnett

How we play the game

The question is often asked: “Why do people so often act against their better interest?” Cynics are quick to give a simple answer:... Continue

Some reflection on nicknames

There’s a lot in a name, and potentially, even more in a nickname. Given names often reveal seemingly mysterious connections to the... Continue

The nature of land speculation

The creation of financial wealth in our capitalistic system requires speculation. In this case, speculation is defined as the act of... Continue

Figure and ground

Our culture is obsessed with content, the words and pictures that form the narrative of most thought, conversation and daily life.... Continue

Sonoma wine tasting — welcome to the bubble

Sentimentality ruled the night at this week’s City Council meeting. During an agenda item to consider regulating wine tasting rooms,... Continue

The fires of hell

Boys like things that go “boom!” but it’s a far cry from the fireworks of July 4th to the destructive force of America’s most... Continue

Come again another day

Before the last storm, we had barely over 2” of rain for the season as compared with 23” last year and a “normal” of 17.”... Continue

Sonoma wine bars: from cachet to cliché

Fine wine has always benefited from a goodly bit of snob appeal. The French certainly enjoyed being wine snobs and Americans, never... Continue

Transparency in government

Everybody’s talking “transparency” these days. I used to think that transparent meant nearly invisible, like glass is transparent,... Continue

The living dead

What are we to make of our obsession with zombies? If one considers mass media as a window into our collective human consciousness,... Continue